Gift Shop Caretta – Antiques

This shop is very unique, you find souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones at home, art and clothes, jewlery and rare old things.
Take your time and check through the shop a bit closer. You will see that you will find more than you expect.

Damien’s passion and love is to collect and save old things from the Island. He collected what ever he could save and repaired it with patience. He decided to sell some of them. Damien hopes that somebody respects this old items and gives them a new home. Some of the items he shows in his shop near the harbour on the way up to the main church St.Constantine and Helen. Others he stores and can show you if you are interested, even on photos. Don’t hasitate to ask him.
Credit card and turkish lira are eccepted.

If you need some advice about the island its also a very good place to stop and ask. Damien can give you support if you have questions about transportation, old stories or if you look for somebody. He is greek born in Australia and knows nearly everybody.