Tips on how to get to Kastellorizo

In summer Olympic Air offers every day flights. The plane is a DASH 8 with 37 seats. It leaves Rhodes and the duration of the flight is 25 minutes. The 2014 price is 48,- euro.

All the ferries come here from Rhodes harbor every Monday and Friday and it take around 4 hours. Even the ones that come here from Piraeus pass by Rhodes island. You can travel with Blue Star direct from Piraeus to Kastellorizo and take a cabin.

There is also a catamaran type speedcraft (Dodecanissos Express) that comes here once a week on wednesday for 35,70 euro.

You can also come through Turkey, fly to Dalaman or Antalya and come down to Kas by bus or taxi. There are every day boats from Kas to Kastellorizo for 25,- euro each person.

Kontact: Meis Express 0090 2428361725 and Karamanlar 0090 2428361062

Attention: Kastellorizo in Turkey is named Meis.


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